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Art & Culture in Kenya

There's a popular saying that goes "you can never know where you are going unless you know where you come from". In Kenya, we live by that code. It's why one of your activities, when you visit this beautiful country, should be to immerse yourself in our culture and our heritage.

The Kenyan heritage is rich, hosting about forty-four different tribes, saying nothing of the divisions therein. Each of these subsets has its own laws, traditions, foods and even dress. Learn more about our cultures by visiting several popular art and culture institutions during your stay. And if you’re not satisfied with experiencing the richness of Kenyan diversity passively, seek it out.

There are always places to watch demonstrations of the rich background of Kenya. If you are a little more hands-on, you can even decide to live with the Maasai in the wild or join the industrious Nilotic communities by the fishing shores.

Our heritage is something that we are proud of as Kenyans, and something we hope you’ll enjoy the next time you’re in the country. Kenyan art is also something you can enjoy during your trip to this East African gem. Whether it is a colourful handcrafted bag or a traditional porridge serving pot, there is always something you can get and carry with you as you leave Kenya. While you are here, why not enjoy the craftsmanship and handiness of our artifacts, the creativity of our designers and the expression of our artists?

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