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Bars, Restaurants & Nightlife in Kenya

The rumors are true, Kenya has the best bars and nightlife of any African nation on the continent. One popular phrase you are sure to have come across is, "Kenya is a partying nation" No matter what you are looking for, Kenya’s diverse nightlife is sure to satisfy your needs. From world renowned bars to plush restaurants, and everything in between the scene runs the spectrum while providing live music at many locations.

One can’t claim to have fully experienced the full Kenyan experience till you visit our clubs. Join locals as they dance the night away at various discotheques. The welcoming nature of Kenyan revelers will make you forget all your troubles and let loose.

Sample the world renowned Tusker beer and enjoy what will be the best partying experience of your life. Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city transforms into an elegant ambiance party city when the sun sets. Mombasa, the country’s life line at the coast offers an unforgettable night time experience as you dance the night away while enjoying the star studded night sky.

Aside from its nightlife, Kenya offers a wide assortment of exotic cuisine. Kenya has 42 different tribes which have their food specialties. From the finger licking Pilau of the Swahili people to the succulent traditional fish of the Luo, the Kenyan food market is sure to grace your taste buds with a fine taste that will make you come back for more.

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