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The coastal South African region of Drakensberg is a famous tourist destination for the outdoorsy holiday visitor. Renowned for its multitude of hiking spots and intriguing landscape, this region hosts thousands of guests each year. So, if you are not sure which attractions you want to visit on your next trip to the rainbow nation, we recommend trying out the Drakensberg district of South Africa. Below are some popular tourist Hotspots in Drakensberg.

The Sani Pass

The Sani Pass is the only path in South Africa that connects the KwaZulu-Natal and Lesotho. The pass, which snakes its way through the Drakensberg Ranges, is renowned for its topographical significance as well as for the activities that take place within it.

Reservation teams in South Africa typically organize the tours that take place through the Sani Pass. Through the tour-guided trips through the pass, you will hike your way through various trails. You will have the opportunity to admire the ranges in High Drakensberg as you make your way through the pass. Cliff-like walls and other interesting rock formations will also be a part of your scenery as you go through the pass.

The Sani Pass is also well-known for its birdwatching opportunities. Throughout your trail, you have numerous chances to see and photograph rare species of birds, birds only common to South Africa.

Wildlife Treasures

If scaling rocks and photographing birds are not your kind of thing, you could still enjoy visiting Drakensberg for its wildlife. All across the rugged terrain of the High Drakensberg district, you can explore the diverse wildlife of the region.

For those who want to spot the different species of herbivores and carnivores in Drakensberg, a visit to the game reserves in the area would be the best place to start. In reserves such as the Spioenkop and Cobham national reserves, you will see animals like the buffalo and the giraffe. Along the Mooi River, in the Sani Pass and Giant's Castle Game Reserve, you could choose to participate in South Africa's famous birdwatching activities.

Looking for a more exciting wildlife experience? Drakensberg also offers that through its Dragon Rock Reptile Centre.

Sports Hotspots and Activities

Drakensberg is known as the place to be for the outdoorsy tourist, and you know why? Most of the activities you will find in this region revolve around tracking game, watching birds and other wildlife, walking through a pass and an assortment of sporting activities. Below are some of the sports practiced.

Hiking and Mountain Biking: Drakensberg is a high altitude area, full of ranges that you can hike or bike through, whether alone or in a group. The hiking trails in this region are varied, for the fit or unfit, ranging from trips along river beds to those cutting through the Drakensberg Mountain Ranges. Famous hiking trails along Drakensberg include Giant’s Castle and the Langalibalele hiking trails. Hiking enthusiasts can also engage in rock climbing in trails such as the Sentinel Peak Trail, and in annual South African hiking competitions.

Horse and Camel Riding: camel rides might be common in Drakensberg, but riding equine is more popular in the region. When visiting South Africa, you will have a choice between half or full day rides through Drakensberg.
Fly fishing: do you want to try out the renowned South African trout fishing competitions? Visiting Drakensberg is the best way to guarantee that you will have the chance.

Sightseeing Spots

Want to admire the beauty and splendor of Underberg, the grandeur of the Drakensberg Ranges? Then sign up to drive through the area. Or bet yet, take a balloon and get a panoramic, picturesque view of the region.

Art and Culture

Tourists sometimes underestimate the art and culture scene of Drakensberg. If you want the full experience of the region, taking a look through the various galleries, museums and performance centers should be on your Drakensberg to-do list.

Recommended places to visit if you’re interested in the art and culture aspect of Drakensberg include Winterton Museum, Himeville Museum and the Valley Bakery, Coffee Shop and Art Gallery.

Wine Estates

South Africa and its wines are legendary. The next time you are in Drakensberg, take a tour through the wine estate, and enjoy the scenery and tranquil quality in the region. With these activities, you should enjoy your stay in South Africa.