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The Wonders of Chobe National Park

One of the finest ways to remove stress and worries is to head to the park because it’s the perfect place for refreshment.
Say goodbye to your desperate search for gasping scenes. One peek of the Chobe Parklands is enough to absorb the variety of rich vegetation and wildlife. A few seconds spent in this park will stun you for life.
This park is a classic game route but initially inhabited by San Bushmen – the hunter-gatherer. Some ancient rock paintings carved by the nomadic tribe still exist in the park, making it a national treasure.
Nothing is comparable to the eye-opening, deep crystal blue Chobe River. It connects through the sandy terrain, dense forests of mopane trees, neverending woodlands, small towns, and lush floodplains.

Highlights of Chobe National Park

  • Massive elephants and other animals, mainly during the dry season
  • Most incredible boat-based game sight in the world
  • Thrilling game viewing
  • Unique lodges outside and inside the park


Chobe National Park: Facts

  • Chobe National Park is divided into four parts; the Savuti channel, Serondella, Nogatsaa, and Linyanti Wetlands. Each area offers unique geographical landscapes.
  • There is no network coverage in Linyanti and Savute; it is a network free zone.
  • Before it was a park, this area used to be a trophy-hunting ground and a platform of teak wood for the timber industry.
  • The Chobe National Park has more elephants than in any part of Africa.
  • Victoria Falls is one of the most jawdropping showers near Chobe, and it is a short drive away, so don’t miss it for the world.
  • Another interesting fact about the Chobe National Park is that it is named after the river that project everywhere throughout the park. It guards 10.700 km² of the Kalahari Desert.

The Land of the Giants

Proudly known as the “Land of the Giants,” Chobe National Park is located in the north of Botswana.
It resides with Africa’s most extensive elephant population route and contains more than 10,000km2 of diverse landscapes and ecosystems.
Also, Chobe National Park offers a fantastic spectacle of birdlife and wildlife – around the Chobe River. Besides that, there are plenty of other places to visit in Botswana that are just as attractive as the Chobe Park.

The “Love at first sight” feelings

As the Chobe National Park is one of the most significant wildlife regions of Africa, it truly is a testament of the love at first sight expression.

Chobe Camping Safari

Chobe is widely known for its exceptional concentrations of big game, which is why it has now become a famous safari spot.
Some of the animals you will commonly see at the park include crocodile, giraffe, lions, elephant, hippo, Kudo, leopard, buffalo, zebra, and more.
When it comes to “spending the night,” you can find accommodation near the town of Kasane, with one luxury lodge in the park – Chobe Game.
These camping safaris are no way near to being luxurious. Still, they are very comfortable if you are planning for sight-seeing and game viewing.
Furthermore, the mobile safari operators provide private campsites inside the Chobe Park that are not available to others, giving you more privacy and spectacle to enjoy.

A Park for Everyone

In a nutshell, the Chobe National Park is primarily known for its elephants, beautiful bird species, and lots of other animals that make everybody gasp. It’s not possible to find such a fantastic riverfront anywhere else, with symbolic landscapes, tranquil lodges, substantial wildlife, predators, and more.
The wildlife will possess you here, and it will make you feel alive than ever. Therefore, it is a lovely place, open for families, children, teenagers, couples, and the elderly.

When’s the best time to visit

It’s suitable to visit during the dry season: Between May-October. This time of visiting offers warm, dry, chilly, and sunny days, which are everything a traveler needs. Other than that, the roads are easy to navigate for self-drive cars and safari vehicles, plus the mosquitoes are at their lowest.

The Getaway

The glossy grasslands, thick woodlands, and fertile plains of Chobe combine to create a home that shelters one of the most intense concentrations of game in Africa. Additionally, the river is the potion of life for the park’s thriving birds and animals.
You are guaranteed to have an excellent time with your friends, family, and partners while exploring the beauty of the Chobe National Park.
Lastly, it’s the best place for gaining inner peace because you get to witness a lot of sights that indulge spiritual behavior and calms your soul.