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Travelling to places has become a necessity for most of us and indeed a soul thirsty for natural wonders quench their thirsts by digging up new and unexplored places to go and embrace the beauty of. Damaraland is one such place which is must go place for every tourist at least once!

Damaraland is located in Namibia, a country in Southern Africa. The place is an untamed and exquisite set of natural wonders that leaves one gaping at the scenic sight of it all. From rocky outcrops, Twyfelfontein, which are enriched with pre historic painting of the famous “Bushman” to the millions year old Petrified Forest, home to various fauna and flora found only in the Damaraland.

There are various places of natural attractions that tourists can visit in a well-planned vacation at Damaraland. Some of the must visit places are as follows:

  • Twyfelfontein, which translates to uncertain springs, is a place where you will find ancient rock engravings in abundance. The place has been a home to stone-age hunters and gatherers for over 6000 years.

  • The White lady is one of the famous pre-historic paintings found in abundance in Damaraland. If you want to relive thousands of years old version of Earth, Damaraland will not disappoint you.

  • The Vingerklip or the finger rock which is an astonishing finger like structure made of limestone and stands a staggering 35m from its base.

  • The Fire Mountain of Brandberg is one of the mesmerizing places of Damaraland. Its name comes from the effect of a setting sun, which endows the dying rays of sunlight upon granite massif causing it to seem alight with a captivating red glow. Anyone who wishes to visit Damaraland, cannot miss this beautiful sight since it is one that leaves you to spell bound.

  • The Spitzkoppe is a remnant of an old volcano which due to erosion and time has become a favorite climbing spot for many. So if you are athletic and enjoy a bit of adrenaline rush, this climbing spot will tap into your adventurous soul and make sure you enjoy the fun and challenging range of Spitzkoppe.

  • The Living Museum is one of the gorgeous attractions of Damaraland for anyone who is a fan of history and enjoys reliving the plays of the time. The Living Museum will help you understand how the people of Damaraland were from starting a fire to the present day time and you will experience all of it in person. The cultural heritage the people of Damaraland hold so close and in such respect, you will experience every single bit of it.

  • The Petrified Forest, as the name suggests, is an enthralling dive down the historic times. The forest is basically a collection of many tree trunks which are over 200 million years old. They are large and well preserved and are said to have been washed off down a river during ancient times, somewhere around the time Ice Age ended.

So if you are looking to experience a time capsule of well-preserved tradition, culture, and natural wonders, Damaraland is one such place that is sure to pull you back millions of years into the past and let you experience everything first hand. The place is a must go for archeological fanatics and history lovers.