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Known as Swakop by the locals, Swakopmund is a coastal town, and regarded by many as the holiday capital of Namibia. The town stands out among major tourist destinations for its geographical location in which it marks the point where the Namib Desert meets the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, the environmental dynamics are unique, thanks to the combination of the scenic desert landscapes and its coastline.

Things to do in Swakopmund

Swakopmund gets the reputation as the ultimate holiday destination for many good reasons. You will love to see what it has to offer and indulge in various adventure activities. Some of the most popular sites and adventures it offers are as follows:

  • Land: If you have ever considered upsetting the sand, then the desert is the place where you can engage in fun activities such as sand-boarding, or simply climb dunes bare foot. Camel riding is also one of the activities you should not miss out on. if you have a 4x4, then why not try out its performance on top of high dunes and take great pictures. Quad-biking is another fun activity in case you are too tired to climb the dunes on foot.

  • Air: Swakopmund is magnificient from up and above. A bird's eye view would be a good start too. You can enjoy breath-taking sights on the Namib Desert, and also the Atlantic Ocean, together with the German styled building structures in the whole town. That can be achieved either on a Helicopter ride, scenic flight or in an Air Balloon. Paragliding or Sky Diving would be the best for people that love an adrenaline rush. An air safari would blow your mind.

  • Sea: With Swakopmund being a beach resort, The Atlantic Ocean is a must see. Come feel the cold breeze, and put your feet in water, and sand. For surfer's, this is your holiday destination. Activities such as offshore fishing are also welcome. A Boat cruise is one of the activities not to be missed. Boats sets off from the Walvis Bay harbour. Within only several hours of cruising, you have a very good chance of spotting Dolphins, Pelicans, Seals, and other marine animals. Seals, and Pelicans can come on the boat and see them upclose and personal. You can aswell touch them too. You can also watch Dolphins playfully swim as you sail away. From July to August, the coast has its Whale season. So keep your eyes open to see those giants relaxing in the water.

In addition to the outdoor adventures involving altitudes and a lot of sands in your hair, Swakopmund is also a nice place for a much quieter trip. Walking around the town opens the door for scenic history lessons. The town was founded in 1892 as a harbour for the German colony. Today you can still see how this historical town is sprinkled with a German styled architecture.

  • Swakopmund Jetty: This wonderful jetty is perfect for a better ocean feel and scenery. It extends 300 meters out into the Atlantic Ocean. Its construction is mostly made out of wood and concrete. Great spot to watch the sunset, or enjoy lunch at the restaurant.

  • Woermannhaus: The Woermannhaus was built in 1906, as the head offices for the Damara & Namaqua Trading Company. On the premises, there is also the Damara Tower, that was used by observers usually on the lookout for ships in the ocean and ox wagons in the desert. In 1909 the Damara and Namaqua Trading Company sold the company shares to Woermann Brock & Co. This is one of the oldest buildings in Swakopmund, and it is one the town's most visited landmarks. The Woermannhaus is now used as a public library and an art gallery.

  • Lighthouse: one of the most visible building in town; it stands more than 25 meters tall.

Other attractions in Swakopmund includes the Marine Aquarium, the Swakopmund Museum, the Crystal Gallery and even a church that represent an important part of the town’s history. The town delivers an interesting blend of European architectures planted on the African soil. Many historical buildings are actually heritage of the colonialism period. The town is a major tourist attraction with a lot to offer. Take a trip to the coast and endulge in exciting activities sprinkled with flairs of fancy beach resorts and water sports.