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Lodges in Mozambique

Staying at a lodge in Mozambique offers you an experience like none other. After all there is no need to leave the concrete in your city to go and stay in another one elsewhere. Being in a lodge gives you the opportunity to observe nature in its natural state without any sort of disruption. This means that the animals come to you. This is because most lodges are situated next to water pools where animals gather to quench their thirst.

A lodge experience is uniquely different from that of a hotel. You get all the goodies plus nature itself. The guest rooms are comfortable, clean and airy. You get to enjoy scrumptious international and local cuisines prepared by very well able chefs.

Being in the wild does not mean that you are not to access certain services such as Wi-Fi. It will be availed and depending on the management, you might pay for it or simply use it as a compliment on the house.

Some of the recommended lodges in Mozambique are the one's listed above. They all cater to individuals, family and group interests hence allowing you to have a fulfilling stay with them.

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