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Bazaruto Island

Bazaruto Island is the largest Island in the Bazaruto Archipelago, and it is one of the most beautifully endowed tourist destinations in Africa. Its diverse untouched natural ecology is home to as much as 2000 species of fish, whales, and dolphins most of which have made the ancient coral reefs their home.

The Island is often referred to as the Pearl of the vast Indian Ocean. It is indeed the only marine reserve in Mozambique and the efforts put towards developing it have blessed the country and the rest of the world with a wonderful place to wind down and appreciate nature.

Unlike many tourist destinations, flying to Bazaruto Island is cheaper than heading there by road. Flights to the island can be taken from any of the towns of Maputo, Inhambane, or Johannesburg. Alternatively, tour operators can drive you to the destination by road all the way from Maputo.

Tourists enjoy the picnic scenes while eating seafood delicacies in the beaches of Bazaruto Island. One can also sail or dhow and enjoy the sea. Accommodation is not hard to find once you have landed on the island. Eco lodge facilities are available, and children can enjoy the vacation. Explorers have acres of untouched land to study, and they will not miss huge dunes, savannah, forests, and inland lakes to explore.

Sunsets in Bazaruto Island are a lasting experience worth remembering. After diving into the depths of 2 mile deep reefs or kayaking, relaxing and watching the sun slowly fading away beyond the horizons can bring healing to a troubled soul.
Many beaches around the world are crowded, but this is not the case at Bazaruto Island. Crystal clear waters give an astonishing visibility into the depths of surging ocean life. All forms of flora and fauna with the excellent warm, tropical climate makes Bazaruto an Island worth visiting.