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Guest farms in Namibia

Guest farms in Namibia have a lot of history to them. More importantly, they are located close to nature and so visitors are able to enjoy the best of Namibian wildlife. There are also many opportunities for travellers to indulge in. Such as game drives, and bird watching. People who love the outdoors and for whom nature is a passion would definitely benefit from staying at a guest farm, and enjoy the wilderness and see lovely landscapes.

Guest farms are located across Namibia. So, whether you wish to visit the South, North, West or Central Namibia there are guest farms located in all these regions of the country.

If you are thinking about driving in Namibia then a guest farm is the perfect accommodation for you. They are also located near all the major attractions in country and are normally owned by families who have earned a reputation for being friendly and very hospitable. The best part about staying at a guest farm is that the atmosphere at the farm is very relaxed and you get to stay in very spacious rooms.

Accommodation at a guest farm allows you to benefit from local knowledge of the host who is ready to provide unique tips about local attractions. A majority of guest farms in Namibia are commercial farms. This means that the host knows the local terrain very well and will be ready to offer you tips insights that you would normally not get from anyone else. Who knows, you might also engage in farming activities.

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