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Car hire companies in Tanzania

Car hire companies in Tanzania give you more freedom in terms of routes or timing since you drive the car on your own. In addition to safaris, you will also need to travel to cities, towns, airports, and hotels during your vacation.

If you are travelling with a group of people, bigger vehicles such as bus or 8-seater are necessary. A different terrain requires different vehicle. Of course you can use the same car for all travels, but you may not get the best comfort in the rides depending on the locations, destinations, and routes.

Some of the most recommended car hire compaines are listed above. The biggest advantage of hiring cars instead of transfers and shuttles or being in a guided tour is the fact that you can plan your own trip. It is a more flexible alternative, allowing you to schedule and determine the visits with your groups. Every company has different policies and rates, so make sure you understand them and comply with local traffic laws.

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