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Things To Do in Kenya

Anyone who wants to go for a vacation in Kenya can take part in a host of exciting activities. If you are into the great outdoors, Kenya has a lot of adventure activities to keep you in a fun mood. The country is a fun packed with a lot of things to do. We advice you try out a couple of adventure activities.

Below are are a few ideas:

  • Camping: a few days in the wild, a little moonlight, some superstitious storytelling and meals by the fire. Camping offers that and so much more. The bigger your touring party, the better.

  • Hiking and biking: if you are a fan of physical exertion, then hiking and biking through the mountains of Kenya could be just the thing for you. You have a choice of several hilly terrains to go through. If you’re not experienced, climbing Mount Kenya would be a bit of a challenge, but Mount Longonot would suit you just fine.

  • Water Activities: in Kenya, you can never run out of water activities whether at the beach or in the country’s lake parks. Activities offered include kayaking, rafting, swimming, fishing, snorkeling and the occasional diving.

  • Park visiting: Kenya is home to some of the world’s endangered bird and animal species, not to mention the Big Five. Take time to fit a visit into one of the nation's parks during your stay, and enjoy a game drive. You will not regret it.

  • Engaging wildlife: when you visit parks, you see animals from afar. But when you visit Kenya’s sanctuaries, you see them up close and even get to feed and pet them.

  • Exploring: If you are adventurous, we advice you try out hot air ballooning and sky diving while you’re in the area. There’s nothing as magical as floating over endless wildebeest herds in the Masai Mara.

Adventure take you into a whole new world. In Kenya, we understand that each person is interested in different things. That is why the country offers enough adventure activities to cover all your interests.

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