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We would like to introduce ourselves as a tour operator in Germany for over 70 years. We offer world-wide study trips on camping basis and exclusively for groups. So our trips are very suitable for guests who travels alone as well as for couples.

In our annual catalog 2018, we have five different journeys, which takes through Namibia or as a round trip (journey no. 47, 48, 48a, 49, 49a). In our hiking round trip (trip no. 48a), we not only hike through rugged, fissured canyons, breathtaking mountain chains and climb the highest dune in the world in the dune sea of Sossuvlei, but we also discover amazing things about the culture and way of life of the San (Bushmen).

Our all-wheel-drive vehicle has sliding panoramic windows, which is used for our large Namibia round trip (journey no. 49) and is ideally suited for the game drive through the Etosha National Park. Traces of German colonial history can be found in the cities of the country, where even German customs are cultivated.

Our North Namibia trip (trip no. 49a) goes partially even through tourist pioneerland. This is a round trip for people who are expedition enthusiasts and loves adventure. The Rotel idea, the independence of traveling with Rotel, comes here fully into account.

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