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Kenya is one of the popular and must visit African countries. A country known for its awesome safaris and tours. It is truly a place where you would find abundance of wildlife. The country borders Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, and Uganda. On the eastern direction, there is an Indian Ocean coast line. Come feel the white sandy beaches, and experience water sport activities such as water boarding, surfing and other types of outdoor fun activities. Best of all would be to witness the great migration in the Savannahs of the Maasai Mara.

People of Kenya are also known for their rich, vibrant tribal cultures. Game Safaris and wildlife tours are Kenya's biggest attractions, and the country manages over 20 national parks and game reserves where travellers can see the country's most spectacular wildlife, including the "Big Five" animals on game drives. Their most popular game reserve which is the Masaai Mara borders the Serengeti plains in Tanzania where the great migration happens between July and September every year. Cities like Mombasa, Lamu are also worth visiting. Not to forget its capital city Nairobi which is the only city in the world that boasts of a National Park within its proximity, and it is also East Africa's economic hub. The Kenya Tourism sector is... more.

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